Our Foster Program

Our Foster Program

Kitty Care Durban is able to carry out our work thanks to the help of our dedicated fosters. We are always eager to have new fosters join our team! Fostering is done on a voluntary basis from our own homes.

What you’ll need

Good quality food



Litter box(es)

Some toys

Soft blankets

A cat carrier

F10 for cleaning and disinfecting

Milbemax dewormers

Frontline spray 

Protexin – probiotic

Bottle babies will also need:

Kitten formula

Kitten bottles and teets

A head source, such as a hot water bottle

A teddy bear for comfort

Online Foster Form

Do you understand that new kittens may have worms or be incubating viruses and need to be quarantined from other animals for a period of 10 days to two weeks?

Are you willing provide fosters with the necessary care they need? Including medical care and vaccinations?

While we do our best to assist fosters, do you understand that as we rely on public funding, we aren’t always able to assist?

Do you understand that you will be responsible for your foster(s) until such time that they are homed?

Do you agree to take pictures and send regular updates to the Whatsapp group or to an Admin so that Kitty Care can assist with advertising?

Do you understand that failing to send pictures and updates might delay the adoption process?

Are you willing to ensure kittens are clean, well-fed, provided with positive interactions and love, healthy to the best of your abilities and live in a hygienic environment as per Kitty Care’s standards?

Are you willing to undergo a home check?