As an organisation comprised of volunteers, we rely solely on the support and donations of our followers, without whom we would not be here today.

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How Your Donations Help

Our foster moms have dedicated months, if not years, of their life’s to rehabilitating and rehoming precious souls on a volunteer basis. This means that outside of their family and work responsibilities, our incredible team members go above and beyond to pay for everything that goes into fostering out of their own pockets, which is where our incredible supporters come in to save the day!

All donations received go towards the care and rehabilitation of our foster felines. Often costs incurred range from the need to provide good quality food (Hills or Royal Canin), litter, nebulizers, bedding, supplements, antibiotics and any other necessities used to ensure that the felines in foster care will efficiently recover from any and all conditions they may have been rescued from.

Any monetary donations gifted is primarily used to cover the vet bills accumulated as well as any further medical, dietary and care costs that our volunteer foster moms incur. This is distributed according to what each feline foster needs and the urgency thereof. Supporters are able to specify which kitten they would like to support by taking a look through our Facebook page, noting the name of the kitten and including that in the ‘reference’ portion.   

Any physical donations of toys, store bought food, bedding and the like are distributed not only amongst our fosters but also given to feral feeders that we work with. Our hope is to expand such an impact to more sanctuaries, feral feeders and other trappers that operate in Durban when it comes to ensuring all aided felines are kept safe, fed and medicated. Food donations go a long way in this regard even when such food is not used by our fosters themselves. Nothing goes to waste!

Should any donor feel more comfortable knowing that their donation will be put to good use, then donating directly to our Montclair Animal Hospital account is the way to go! As a fun alternative, we have partnered with a number of businesses and organisations to do raffles, giveaways and markets.

We would like to take a moment, to thank every single person that has supported us over the last 7 years. Without you, this wouldn’t be possible. THANK YOU!